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Xexymix Global

XEXYMIX is a compound word of X and SEXY. X represents the unknown of mathematics and also It can interpreted to mean X-EXY(Infinite sexy). Our design evidently represents the meaning of XEXYMIX that brings out the sexy and confident of women herself. MIX also can be interpreted as to mix and match fitness wear and others to pull off an athleisure look.

Brand Story


Created by Suyeon Lee,
a fitness instructor and a renowned digital marketer.
She has been studying the design of female sportswear to create the ultimate outfit for yoga and pilates. Various samples were tested by Yoga teachers and Pilates instructors and they chose the best fabric and design for enhancing performance. In order to optimize what people get out of their workout, it took hundreds of hours for testing to get the right result. The chosen fabric was later developed as the core fabric of XEXYMIX, adding shape retention and moisture-wicking feature.

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