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Quin's Trove

Quin's Trove is the modern girls' treasure trove. From Teens to Queens, we go huge on empowering girls of today, queens of tomorrow. We empower our girls to daringly define yourselves! Set trends! Follow your sisters' look! It's about the freedom and comfort to feel whatever you want to feel!

Brand Story


BRIEFING was born for the people who take chances, who live life on the wild side, the ones who are actively pushing the boundaries every single day. Our lines are developed to suit your lifestyle, to be a trusted companion whenever a piece of sophisticated luggage comes in handy: On a business trip, your travels, sport, in a car, on a train, on a plane, and anywhere you go. BRIEFING partnered with an esteemed military factory used by the US Army, police, and medical forces to build designs with the utmost authenticity and functional beauty. Our ballistic nylon, arguably the hallmark of BRIEFING, is woven with a unique double basket weave, with self-restoring power.

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