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“When I finished my former sponsorship to start Outerknown, I challenged my partners to create a pioneering new company that made great clothes with a radical commitment to sustainability. Five years later, Outerknown is proving that you don’t have to compromise on sustainability or style.”
--- Kelly Slater
With the challenge from Kelly, Outerknown was created, and we started our journey.

Brand Story

We haven’t figured it all out, but we continue to learn every day. We’re quite proud that we’ve pioneered many new ideas at Outerknown while raising the standard for sustainable design in our industry and beyond. We look at our sustainability commitment like the North Star. We will never actually get there, but the North Star is always reminding us what direction we should be going. Our commitment as a brand is to keep learning, exploring, and innovating. With every decision we make, we will always choose the most responsible path.

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