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Mlouye’s founder and creative director Meb Rure hails from an industrial design background. In 2015, Meb decided to change gears and turn her energy towards Mlouye, a collection of exceptional handbags. Focusing on quality material, good design, craftsmanship and sustainability, Mlouye reflects the epitome of quality over quantity. Mlouye merges industrial design and fashion, creating functional handbags made of luxurious and honest materials to improve people's lives in small but important ways. Innovation being the key factor alongside aesthetic, Mlouye has brought unexpected shapes with smart details, functionality and a new luxury feel with a contemporary price point.

New Arrivals

  • mlouye-sera-tall-tote-mini-gummy-8_1800x1800

    Sera Tall Tote Mini

    Product HighlightsPhone, keys, lipstick, wallet, etc. Surrealist design with 3D façade and maze-like framework jutting outwards. It includes a secure suede…
  • mlouye-sera-tote-macaron-10s_1800x1800

    Sera Tote

    Product HighlightsThe Sera Tote's symmetry and clean lines complement any modern outfit. Exterior design is surrealism with sharp lines and 3D…
  • mlouye-puff-flap-gummy-7_1800x1800

    Puff Flap

    Product HighlightsFor the sake of the lovely ladies! Puff Flap features a soft calf leather ripple-fold drape and delicate construction. As…

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